Final submission is closed!

Final Submission

On this website, you can upload the final version of your abstract for FFM until February 15, 2015. You are asked to submit the abstract in PDF format adhering to the following style guidelines:

  • Omit any page numbering.
  • Use 12pt font size.
  • Use a two-sided layout (the inner margin being on the left on the first page) with upper, inner, and lower margin of 3cm and outer margin of 2cm.
  • Do not add an additional abstract as the whole submission already is an abstract.
  • Use a numeric citation style.
  • Start the abstract with its title. Below the title, add the author's name, email address, and affiliation (institute and/or research training group).
  • Do not provide the date of the abstract's creation or submission.
  • The abstract should consist of a maximum of 5 pages.

To ease the preparation of your abstract according to these guidelines, we offer the following style class and template files, which you can (and should) use for your final version: ffm.cls abstract.tex

Please upload your final abstract to one of the two following categories. If your abstract belongs to an accepted presentation at FFM, submit it as an abstract for accepted presentations. If you do not have an accepted presentation at FFM, but you are going to participate, you can instead submit an abstract of participants. In either case, please specify whether you want your abstract to be included in the online proceedings (all abstracts are distributed at the conference in printed form, but only those abstracts are included in the online proceedings whose authors decide to do so). The online proceedings will be an informal technical report of RWTH Aachen University, a so-called Aachener Informatik Bericht (AIB).