Accepted Talks

Mohamed Abdelaal. Fuzzy Compression Refinement via Curvature Tracking
Parvaneh Babari. A Nivat Theorem for Weighted Picture Automata and Weighted MSO Logics
Jan Oliver Ringert. Extensible Support for Specification Patterns in GR(1) Synthesis -- Work in Progress
Edon Kelmendi. Two-player shift-invariant and submixing stochastic games are half-positional
Markus Teichmann. Regular Context-Free Tree Grammars
Shiguang Feng. Path-Checking for MTL and TPTL over Data Words
Georgel Calin. Lazy TSO Reachability
Benjamin Lucien Kaminski. Analyzing Expected Outcomes and (Positive) Almost-Sure Termination of Probabilistic Programs is Hard
Vitaly Perevoshchikov. Decomposition of Weighted Timed Automata
Christian Dehnert. Fast Debugging of PRISM Models
Ayrat Khalimov. Tight Fair Cutoffs for Conjunctive Guard Systems
Manuel Gieseking. Trace Refinement of pi-Calculus Processes
Veronika Loitzenbauer. A Hierarchical Sparsification Technique for Faster Algorithms in Graphs and Game Graphs
Claudia Carapelle. Satisfiability of ECTL* with constraints
Sascha Wunderlich. Weight Monitoring with Linear Temporal Logic
Mickael Randour. Games with Window Quantitative Objectives
David Müller. Are Good-for-games Automata Good for Probabilistic Model Checking?
Yang Gao. Decision Procedure for Stochastic Satisfiability Modulo Theories with Continuous Domain
Simon Leßenich. A Quantitative Counting Monadic Second-Order Logic
Giuseppe Perelli. Strategy Logic: a powerful formalism for game-theoretical issues
Doreen Heusel. Weighted Unranked Tree Automata over Tree Valuation Monoids
Dmitriy Traytel. Derivatives of WS1S Formulas
Johannes Hölzl. Probability Theory and Markov Processes in Isabelle/HOL
René Neumann. A verified LTL model checker
Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus. Inter-procedural Two-Variable Herbrand Equalities are in PTIME
Suvam Mukherjee. Efficient Shape Analysis of Multithreaded Programs
Manuel Eberl, Johannes Hölzl and Tobias Nipkow. A Verified Compiler for Probability Density Functions
Nils Erik Flick. Derivation Languages of Graph Grammars and Correctness
Thomas Weidner. Probabilistic Logic and Regular Expressions on Finite Trees
Philipp Hoffmann. Negotiations as a concurrency primitive: Summaries and Games
Dennis Guck. Markov Reward Automata in Railway Engineering
Saifullah Khan. Traffic Data Dissemination in Realistic Urban VANETs Environment
Félix Baschenis. From sweeping transducers to one way transducers
Andreas Tönnis. Packing Secretaries
Thomas Stroeder. Transformational Termination Analysis of Programs with Pointer Arithmetic
Loredana Sorrentino. On Promptness in Parity Games
Bogdan Mihaila. Synthesizing Predicates from Abstract Domain Losses
Pierre Carlier. Composition of Stochastic Timed Automata
Friedrich Gretz. Conditioning in Probabilistic Programming
Fabian Immler. Continuous Systems Reachability using Adaptive Runge-Kutta Methods - Formally Verified
Stephan Barth. Deciding Monadic Second Order Logic over omega-words by Specialized Finite Automata
Nils Jansen. A Greedy Approach for the Efficient Repair of Stochastic Models
Vadim Malvone. Graded Strategy Logic
Florian Corzilius. SMT-RAT: An SMT-Compliant Nonlinear Real and Integer Arithmetic Toolbox
Oliver Fernandez Gil. Threshold Concepts in a Lightweight Description Logic
Christina Jansen. Generating Abstract Graph-Based Procedure Summaries for Pointer Programs
Normann Decker. On an Extension of Freeze LTL Part I - Decidability
Mitra Tabaei Befrouei. Abstraction and Mining of Traces to Explain Concurrency Bugs
Daniel Thoma. On an Extension of Freeze LTL: Part II - Complexity
Oliver Göbel. On Stochastic Input Models in Online Optimization
Christian Müller. An Analysis of Universal Information Flow based on Self-Compositions
Björn Engelmann. Formally Verifying Dynamically-typed Programs like Statically-typed Ones – A different perspective
Frederic Reinhardt. Automatic Structures with Parameters
Benedikt Brütsch. Synthesizing Structured Reactive Programs via Deterministic Tree Automata
Andreas Ecke. Relaxing Description Logics Queries using Similarity Measures
Sarah Winter. Uniformization of Automatic Tree Relations by Top-down Tree Transducers