Young Researchers' Conference "Frontiers of Formal Methods"
Aachen, Germany
February 25 - 27, 2015

organized by the DFG Research Training Groups
AlgoSyn (Algorithmic Synthesis of Reactive and Discrete-Continuous Systems), Aachen
PUMA (Program and Model Analysis), München
QuantLA (Quantitative Logics and Automata), Dresden & Leipzig
SCARE (System Correctness under Adverse Conditons), Oldenburg
and the Austrian Research Network ARiSE (Rigorous System Engineering)

This conference is a forum of young researchers (typically PhD students) for exchanging current research results and broadening their academic network.

The scope of the conference ranges over formal and algorithmic methods in computer science, in a broad sense. Typical topics are the research areas of the participating organizations as indicated above.

The conference consists of

  • invited lectures by Moshe Vardi (Houston), Jean-Francois Raskin (Brussels), Joel Ouaknine (Oxford), Bernd Finkbeiner (Saarbrücken), Azadeh Farzan (Toronto), and Eric Bodden (Darmstadt),
  • short presentations (talks of 12 minutes duration).

Submissions are welcome via the submission page for short presentations given by young researchers (up to two years after completion of PhD), with an abstract of 2-5 pages written by a single author. The results may have been accepted or even published elsewhere. Each author is free to submit his/her “best result” (possibly obtained jointly with others). Multiple submissions by one author are not permitted. The language of the conference is English.

Proceedings will be available at the conference as a technical report of RWTH Aachen University, containing abstracts of 2-5 pages of accepted short presentations and, in a second part, optional one-page abstracts of participants who are young researchers.

Important Dates:

Submission: December 31, 2014 January 12, 2015
Notification:January 15, 2015 January 16, 2015
Conference: February 25 - 27, 2015